Lynx Hilo 2: Successor to the Hilo ADC/DAC converter

Lynx Hilo 2

Lynx Studio Technology has unveiled the Hilo 2 ADC/DAC converter, an upgraded version of its predecessor, the Hilo model.

The new Hilo 2 features a revamped LCD display with a capacitive touch panel, offering enhanced brightness and improved touch sensitivity. One of the significant improvements is the achieved “transparency” in the sound of both line outputs and inputs, achieved through minimized distortion and noise.

Lynx Hilo 2
Lynx Hilo 2tLynx Hilo 2

With SynchroLock 2 sample clock technology, the Hilo 2 ensures faster locking and precise external clock tracking with an absolute accuracy of 7-ppm per minute. This updated converter supports sampling rates higher than 192 kHz and offers DSD input/output capabilities. Users can choose from configuration options including USB, Thunderbolt 3, and Dante connectivity. Additionally, purchasers will receive access to the free Hilo Remote app for iOS.

The Hilo 2 is set to be released in the second quarter of this year, although pricing details have not yet been announced.