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M2Tech Young MkIV: DAC and Preamp from Italy

M2Tech Young MkIV

he Italian company M2Tech has released a new model of pre-amplifier with digital-to-analog converter in the Rockstars series called M2Tech Young MkIV .

M2Tech Young MkIV

The device is made in the aluminum case, traditional for the models of the series, measuring 200 x 200 x 500 mm and weighing 2.5 kilograms . Despite its compact size, the rear panel has a full range of connectors for switching – a USB-B port, optical and coaxial digital inputs, AES / EBU digital input, and even an HDMI port for I2S signals.

The analog inputs are provided by a pair of RCA for use as a clean preamp. Outputs include a pair of balanced XLRs and an unbalanced RCA output, and there is also a 6.35mm headphone jack on the front panel. There is also a Bluetooth module on board.

M2Tech Young MkIV


The model receives power from an external adapter, which can be replaced with a proprietary Van Der Graaf MkII high-level power supply unit . The DAC block is built on the AK4497 chip from AKM and can work with PCM 32/768 , DSD512 signals and natively decode MQA . The output voltage is 10 V in XLR et outputs 5 V on RCA.

The M2Tech Young MkIV preamplifier is sold in Europe for 2,000 euros .

More info: M2Tech

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