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Mcintosh MC3500: Iconic amplifier reimagined


The MC3500 Mk II is inspired by the amplifier that has delighted generations of musicians and music lovers.

McIntosh has released the MC3500 Mk II tube amplifier. Originally used to power the sound system at Woodstock ’69 among other musical events, this monobloc amplifier has been recreated with modern updates.

The MC3500 Mk II boasts 350W of power. Like the original, the MC3500 Mk II uses a McIntosh Unity Coupled Circuit output transformer and a fully balanced driver section, with three 12AX7A and one 12AT7 vacuum tubes. The output is 8 powerful EL509S, specially chosen because of the similarity to the original 6LQ6 that worked in the original MC3500. All lamps are located behind the power and output transformers and are covered with 12 gauge stainless steel wire mesh.

As with the original MC3500, the Mk II version includes a McIntosh DualView power indicator.

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