Marton launches Opusculum Omni mono amplifier that works as three devices

Marton Opusculum Omni
Marton Opusculum Omni

Marton ‘s new Opusculum Omni dual mono amplifier offers maximum electronic and mechanical symmetry. The device is designed in such a way that it can act as three independent devices – an integrated stereo amplifier, a stereo power amplifier and a monoblock. This is what the developers say.

The design uses a powerful battery of capacitors with a “long service life” – 528,000 μF and several separate power stages built on low-noise stabilization systems. The power supply design ensures free flow of energy from the powerful capacitor bank to the final stage.


The entire amplifier housing (except for the shielded transformer housing) is made of non-magnetic materials and is resistant to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. The case rests on high-quality anti-vibration feet – the GigaWatt Rolling-Ball isolation system .

Heavy-duty CNC-milled heatsinks and perforated top and bottom covers facilitate heat transfer and are CE and OHS compliant .

The 1000 VA toroidal transformer, dedicated exclusively to audio circuits, is mechanically isolated from the housing. To ensure maximum isolation from vibrations (internal and external), the transformer was filled with a special anti-vibration mass.

For digital systems and control, a separate EU toroidal transformer was used. It is also anti-vibration isolated and does not create unwanted interference. This transformer powers the digital circuitry that controls the amplifier.

ImageAll electronic circuits are assembled on printed circuit boards made of laminate 2-3 mm thick and a layer of copper 120 microns thick coated with a precious metal, ensuring maximum current propagation speed. All connections are soldered with an alloy of tin and silver. The final power amplification stage consists of 28 Sanken bipolar power transistors operating in a push-pull circuit. The input signals to the amplifier are electrically isolated from the power stage.