Matrix Element X2 Pure
Matrix Element X2 Pure
Matrix Element X2 Pure

Matrix Element X2 Pure: New streamer with DAC and preamp function

For its tenth anniversary, Matrix Audio has released a new Element X2 Pure digital streamer that can also work as a digital-to-analog converter and preamplifier.

ImageThe DAC block in the model is built on two top-end ES9039PRO chips from ESS Saber , each of which is responsible for its own channel. The pre-amplifier provides +10 dB signal amplification , two analog outputs are provided for connection to a power amplifier or active speaker systems – unbalanced on RCA and balanced on XLR.

ImageThe analog and digital parts of the device are completely isolated from each other both in terms of power supply and physically with the help of a thick aluminum screen. It is most convenient to control the streamer using the proprietary mobile application MA Remote App , however, the remote control is also included in the package. For the physical connection of external signal sources, the rear panel has two coaxial and two optical digital inputs, an analog RCA input, two HDMI ports, one of which supports ARC, a USB-C port.


Network connectivity is provided by an Ethernet port and a Wi-Fi adapter. The built-in Crystek CCHD950 clock generator is responsible for jitter suppression in Async mode , in Sync mode this function is transferred to the connected external device.

ImageThe Matrix Element X2 Pure Digital Streamer is available to order for $4,499 .