McIntosh C55 AC & C2800 AC: New high-end preamplifiers

McIntosh C55 AC & C2800 AC
McIntosh C55 AC & C2800 AC

McIntosh has introduced two new preamplifiers at HIGH END 2024 , the C55 AC solid-state preamplifier and the C2800 AC tube preamplifier. Designed for the most demanding listeners, these preamplifiers combine cutting-edge technology with timeless design and promise an unparalleled sound journey.

The two new models, the C55 Solid State and the C2800 AC, are pure preamplifiers and are intended to offer an improved and connected listening experience. They combine the latest technology with classic design and promise an incomparable sound experience.

McIntosh C55 AC Preamplifier
The McIntosh C55 AC features an 8-band analog equalizer to fine-tune music with precision. (Image: Audio Components)

C55 AC Solid State Preamplifier

With precise engineering and craftsmanship, the C55 AC proudly claims its position as an industry leader. The C55 AC features an 8-band analog equalizer to fine-tune music with precision and create a personalized sound experience. And the equalizer can be bypassed if needed.

C2800 AC Tube Preamplifier

At the heart of the C2800 AC lies carefully designed tube circuitry. Utilizing the latest designs that virtually eliminate noise and distortion, the C2800 AC reduces them to minimal levels. Its four vacuum tubes deliver a listening experience that exceeds expectations. Electronic bass and treble circuits allow volume adjustments of low and high frequencies in precise 1dB steps.

McIntosh C55 AC Preamplifier
At the heart of the McIntosh C2800 AC is carefully designed tube technology. (Image: Audio Components)

Impressive 16 inputs

Both preamplifiers have 16 inputs, including nine analog and seven digital connections. They offer three sets of balanced and unbalanced outputs, allowing flexible connection to any type of power amplifier. The digital inputs also include an HDMI-ARC , a USB-B and a proprietary MCT connection. In addition, both have two phono sockets for MC and MM pickups, an Ethernet interface (RJ45) and various 12 volt trigger connections.

McIntosh C55 AC Preamplifier
Impressive: both preamplifiers have 16 inputs, analog and digital. (Image: Audio Components)

McIntosh C55 AC and C2800 AC: Features

  • 16 inputs: 7 analog, 2 phono, 7 digital
  • Dedicated subwoofer output
  • Controllable via the new McIntosh Connect app
  • Includes Processor Loop
  • Supports 24-bit/192kHz and DSD512 files
  • Biamping with high-pass and low-pass filters
    and subwoofer outputs configurable
  • Roon Tested
  • Power Control to turn connected McIntosh components on and off
  • Data ports can send remote control commands to connected sources
  • Electromagnetic input switching
  • Level trim adjustment for equalizing the levels of analog inputs
  • Precisely balanced, digitally controlled damping system for precise volume control
  • Fully regulated power supplies and a special R-core current transformer for stable, noise-free operation.

Prices and availability

Both McIntosh preamplifiers are available from specialist retailers. The C55 AC is available for 11,980 euros, the C2800 AC for 12,480 euros.