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McIntosh MC451: Next-gen Hybrid Drive amplifier

McIntosh has unveiled the MC451 Dual Mono Power amplifier, a compact mono amp that benefits from the New York manufacturer’s proprietary Hybrid Drive technology, where valve and solid state amplification is seamlessly combined in one unit, to deliver the best of both worlds.

McIntosh’s unique Hybrid Drive technology enables users to drive a loudspeaker’s critical tweeter and midrange drivers with lush valves, yet provide the more demanding bass drivers with the power, control and dynamics of solid-state.

The MC451 Dual Mono Power Amplifier follows the success of McIntosh’s sizable MC901 Dual Mono Power Amplifier and reflects upon the New York manufacturer’s decades-long experience in solid-state amplifiers and even longer experience (since 1949!) with valves.

A more compact design than its MC901 sibling, the new MC451 is much easier to integrate into existing audio systems. Built on one chassis, the MC451 offers 150 watts from its valve section, plus 300 watts from its solid-state output.

Supremely flexible, the MC451 benefits from user-selectable solid state and valve output stages that can be selected using a ‘balance’ control knob. This enables users to match genres to preferred amp technology: for example, jazz using more valves, or rock using solid state.



Hybrid Drive technology allows users to adjust the internal crossover to determine where the bass, mid and high frequencies integrate between valve and solid-state power.

In addition, separate inputs for the valve and solid-state sections are provided for use with external crossovers.

Finally, the MC451 also features a variety of McIntosh patented technologies including: Power Guard® and Power Guard SGS®; Sentry Monitor™; Autoformer™; Unity Coupled Circuit; Solid Cinch™ speaker binding posts; Monogrammed Heatsinks™, plus a DualView™ Power Output Meter.

Orders for the MC451 can now be placed with authorised McIntosh dealers with shipping expected to begin in January 2023 (United States and Canada), and the rest of the world, shortly thereafter, £16,495.

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