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McIntosh MHA200 – Awesome headpone amplifier from McIntosh

According to a press release, the McIntosh MHA200 Tube Amplifier is designed for the discerning listener who wants the most out of their headphones. Due to well-thought-out circuitry and a large number of interfaces, the amplifier is ready to work with almost any headphone.

The model is based on a pair of double triodes 12AT7 and 12BH7A: the former amplify the incoming signal, and the latter work in the output stage, trying to achieve minimal distortion. The output transformers are manufactured using the proprietary Unity Coupled Circuit technology, which ensures sound clarity – first used back in 1949.

With this technology, McIntosh has been able to achieve a high-quality fit for a wide variety of headphones. So, transformers operate with four impedance ranges: from 32 to 100 ohms, from 100 ohms to 250 ohms, from 250 ohms to 600 ohms and from 600 ohms to 1,000 ohms, and for each of them the amplifier is ready to deliver 500 mW of power. … The user selects the appropriate impedance using a switch on the front panel.

There are three headphone jacks: 3-pin balanced XLR, 4-pin balanced XLR and 6.35mm jack. Sources can be connected to balanced or unbalanced inputs.

The PSU toroidal transformer designed specifically for this model features reduced noise and low magnetic field, which provides the amplifier with clean energy without interference.

The amplifier received a mirror-polished steel case, and the sidewall was adorned with the McIntosh logo. The MHA200 itself came out quite small – at 15.6 cm wide and 23.2 cm deep, it is easy to place it almost anywhere.

In the US, the McIntosh MHA200 is expected to start shipping in March for a headphone amplifier of $ 2,500.

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