McIntosh MQ112: Analog equalizer for stereo systems

McIntosh MQ112
McIntosh MQ112

McIntosh has announced the start of sales of a new equalizer MQ112 , in which all adjustments are made exclusively in analogue.

The equalizer offers eight bands to adjust the output within +/- 12 dB from 25 to 10,000 Hz . All changes are made using rotary knobs with an aluminum finish, and there is also a Tilt function , which allows you to simultaneously increase or decrease the output on LF or HF by 6 dB .


The EQ Control function helps to compare the result obtained as a result of adjustments with the original sound – when activated, the signal bypasses the equalization circuits. There is an additional pair of outputs on the rear panel, which is convenient for connecting two systems or one system with bandpass amplification (bi-amping).

The McIntosh MQ112 analog equalizer will be available in the European market in October 2023 with a retail price of €3,990

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