Melco EX firmware v4.20: Qobuz Downloader and other improvements

Melco EX firmware v4.20 Qobuz Downloader and other improvements

Melco EX streamers have received another firmware update dubbed v4.20. As always, improvements have been announced, partly even invisible to the owner of the system. But among them – increased stability and additional compatibility for the transfer of markerless DSD with a number of USB-DACs.

All this distinguishes Melco EX firmware v4.20 from the previous 4.10. But the most interesting innovation is the Qobuz bootloader in Melco EX. Qobuz Downloader will give Melco EX owners access to thousands of Hi-Res audio tracks at “CD” bitrate. They can now be simply downloaded to the Melco EX repositories.

Melco EX v4.20 software update is already available for installation in existing devices. In addition, it is now included in the software of all Melco EX models on sale.

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