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Merason Frérot: Compact DAC from Switzerland

Merason Frérot
Merason Frérot

The Swiss company Merason has released an inexpensive, by the standards of their products, Frérot digital-to-analog converter .

The device is completely manufactured in the company’s own workshop near Bern. It is built on a Burr Brown 1794A chip , all digital inputs in the models are galvanically isolated.


To connect sources, there are two coaxial digital inputs, an optical input and a USB port, which is responsible for jitter reduction by Amanero ‘s proprietary solution .


The maximum resolution of a PCM signal that Merason Frérot can handle is 24bit/192kHz . Device dimensions – 225 x 180 x 50 mm , DAC weighs less than 995 grams.

The Merason Frérot digital -to-analogue converter is sold on the European market for 1250 euros.

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