Merason Reuss: Innovative DAC from Switzerland

Merason Reuss

The Swiss company Niedal Audio Lab presented a new external Reuss DAC under the Merason brand . The name of the new model is inspired by the famous river in Switzerland. CEO and brand owner Daniel Frauchiger said: “I am delighted with Reuss. Our passion for music drives us every day, and the new Reuss DAC delivers pure musical quality and experience at an impressive price. ” Must have ” for all audiophiles . “

External DAC Merason Reuss

Following the release of the top-end DAC Merason DAC1 Mk II, Niedal Audio Lab has developed a model at an affordable price. Reuss is available in a low-height black or silver aluminum case with a hand-polished front panel. The component is manufactured entirely in Switzerland at the Burgdorf plant under strict quality control.

The DAC circuit board is 6-layer, which prevents interference. All circuit elements are cooled through the chassis and remain thermally stable. Components have been selected based on both their sonic performance and measurements, with the final verdict coming after listening.

External DAC Merason Reuss

Merason Reuss is based on proven BurrBrown PCM1794A DAC chips from Texas Instruments – a separate chip operates in each channel. As with all Merason products, Reuss implements a balanced analog circuit with four independent channels. Separate linear power supplies with toroidal power transformers provide separate power for analog and digital circuits. The switching power supply, which provides standby mode, is completely turned off during DAC operation to eliminate possible interference.

External DAC Merason Reuss

The Merason Reuss DAC’s switching arsenal includes coaxial and optical digital inputs, a balanced AES/EBU input, and a USB-B port for connecting a computer. Analog switching is represented by an unbalanced output on RCA connectors and a balanced output on XLR.

The Merason Reuss DAC is already on sale in Europe with a recommended retail price of € 4,900 .

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