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Method 3: Monoblock class A amplifier from Infigo Audio

Method 3 - monoblock class A amplifier from Infigo Audio
Method 3 - monoblock class A amplifier from Infigo Audio

The Canadian company Infigo Audio Inc has introduced a Method 3 mono-terminal, designed to be installed near its speaker.

Method 3 operates in pure Class A. The level of development is visible at a glance on the Omega Chassis frames that support large toroidal power transformers. Silver-plated and gold-plated wiring and surfaces were used in the device, and specially curved radiator fins, according to the manufacturer, “will never resonate with drums from nearby speakers.”

Placing it next to your speakers will keep the speaker cable as short as possible, which in turn will give you total control, according to Infigo.

Method 3 is built with minimal feedback. The extra-wide bandwidth, according to Infigo, “reveals a musicality that many audiophiles continue to seek. As powerful as it is, it’s still so nimble and agile that you can hear the smallest details in a very large sound space while staying true to our philosophy.”

Method 3 is available in silver, gold, or black, or any combination of these, such as the gold version with black heatsinks.

Interconnect cables can be selected from pure copper or plated with rhodium or gold.

Power Method 3 – 250 W RMS (4 ohms) in class A, 10 Hz – 100 kHz bandwidth (within 0.3 dB deviation) Input – XLR Sensitivity: 1.6 V RMS Supply voltage – selectable, 120 or 240 V AC, frequency 50 or 60 Hz.

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