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Modal Electronics SkulptSynth SE: Four-part synthesizer with improved ergonomics

SkulptSynth SE

With SkulptSynth SE, Modal Electronics has tried to improve the experience of using the tool, and even lower its price by one and a half times. At the same time, the equipment of the novelty is practically not cut. SkulptSynth SE is a four-voice analog synthesizer. On board there are 32 oscillators with a two-pole resonant filter, the frequency range of which can be tuned from low to high frequencies in a band-pass version.

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Special curves can be used for filter, gain and modulation. There are two Low Frequency Oscillators (LFOs), one of which is polyphonic.

The synthesizer does not directly support MIDI Polyphonic Expression, but connecting a compatible controller will allow you to get a budget option already with the capabilities of a musical instrument. All this is complemented by an arpeggiator function, a 256-step sequencer and built-in distortion and delay effects.

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The novelty is connected via MIDI and USB, there is a headphone control, supplemented by an analog line-out, as well as an analog sync input and output. The novelty can also be used autonomously – there is a battery power supply.

In the US, the SkulptSynth SE synthesizer will cost $ 200.

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