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MoFi and Fender launch PrecisionDeck Turntable with lacquered Swamp Ash base

The music label Mobile Fidelity, which has produced MoFi-branded turntables since 2016, has released a special PrecisionDeck for Fender.

As the musicians might have guessed, the name of the turntable is associated with the Fender Precision Bass guitar. And this is no accident: for the base of the turntable, they used the same wood from which these famous bass guitars are made.

Not only MoFi specialists worked on the PrecisionDeck design, but also the master Yuri Shishkov, who has been collaborating with Fender for several years we previously wrote about the Fender Custom Shop Prestige collection of guitars – Yuri worked on the Leaves of Tears model).

The highly acclaimed table is crafted from Swamp Ash and finished in the signature Sunburst lacquer finish. In technical terms, the new player has repeated the parameters of the UltraDeck model .

Like the Precision bass, the MoFi PrecisionDeck is ready-to-use right out of the box, Fender says. This is claimed to be due to the pre-installed MasterTracker cartridge, which is pre-tuned by the experts for “accurate music reproduction.”

The PrecisionDeck turntable features a Derlin disc, a 10-inch aluminum tonearm with Cardas Audio wiring, a hardened steel bearing system and anti-vibration feet.

In the US, the PrecisionDeck from Fender and MoFi were asked for about $ 3,500. A total of 1,000 copies will be released.

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