The developer of the Kula amplifier Bruno Putzeys from the Dutch company Mola-Mola called his brainchild not up to its size.

According to Mola-Mola, the Kula is capable of handling even the most demanding loudspeakers comfortably. The novelty has received modular additions: an optional onboard Phono corrector and a well-known proprietary discrete DAC.

You can connect 3 balanced and 3 unbalanced inputs, selectable by switch and software. The two pairs of Furutech speaker cable terminals are connected to the amplifier board with a Kubala Sosna cable.

All inputs are routed through additional processor boards. The new product provides a signal-to-noise ratio of 113 dB and delivers 2 × 150 W into an 8 Ohm load at 1% distortion. On 4-ohm speakers, the power is doubled.

There are 6 programmable system settings presets, all control is available from the remote control or from a mobile gadget on which the Mola Mola Remote app is installed. The version with an integrated DAC is Roon Ready. Aloha!

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