Moonriver Audio 505: Phono stage with 4 inputs with a full range of settings

Moonriver Audio 505
Moonriver Audio 505

On the first weekend of November, the Swedish company Moonriver Audio made its debut at the American Capital Audio Fest with the 505 phono stage. This is a fundamentally new product for the company, whose current portfolio so far has only 2 versions of a quite successful integrated circuit – Model 404 and Model 404 Reference .

There is not much data about the Moonriver Model 505 yet. The Model 505 is made with Swedish thoroughness, completely continuing the design of the 404 amplifiers (each of which also includes a phono stage). The Model 505 has 4 inputs at once – for both MM and MC cartridges.

It is emphasized that the Model 505 provides “every possible adjustment”, promised “ultra-low noise with an open, transparent and dynamic sound.” So, on the front panel you can see the input load controls for MM- and MC-heads, the gain level control, the equalization curve switch.

The release of the Model 505 was scheduled for the end of 2019, then it was shown at the Warsaw Hi-End show, but no detailed information has yet been made public. In 2019, a phono stage was expected to cost around 3,000 euros.

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