Musical Fidelity M6x 250.5 and M6x 250.11: 5 and 11 channel home theater amplifiers

Musical Fidelity M6x 250.5 and M6x 250.11 amplifiers

“There is no more excuse for a weak home theater setup,” said Musical Fidelity spokesman Shareef Fahim of the launch of the M6x 250.5 and M6x 250.11 amplifiers. The last digit in the name of new products means the number of amplification channels.

In both devices, all electronics are placed in rack-mounted cases, however, there is no special need to put them in racks away from the space of the home theater itself. The novelties are cooled in complete silence, according to the passive fanless principle, due to the developed radiator heat exchangers. Even shielded transformers (two in each amplifier) ​​are classified by the manufacturer as ultra-quiet.

All five amplification channels on the M6x 250.5 are Class AB and deliver 250W when using 4 ohm speakers (up to 400W peak power). Moreover, for 100 W SOI + noise is promised at the level of 0.003%. There are 3 of these drivers in the M6x 250.11 model. The remaining 8 will provide 150W into 4 ohms, with twice the THD + noise for the same output power of 100W.

Each of the built-in power amplifiers is ready to send a balanced or unbalanced input signal to an XLR or RCA connector, respectively. Speaker cable screw terminals are versatile and ready to accept bananas, petals, or just stripped bare wire. Trigger input and output are ready to provide minimal automation – both amplifiers have them. The new items will go on sale in February.

In Europe, the Musical Fidelity M6x 250.5 home theater amplifier will cost 3,000 euros and the M6x 250.11 will cost 4,000 euros.

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