Mytek Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core: Versatile Digital Source Update

Mytek Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core
Mytek Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core

Mytek Audio has introduced a new generation of universal digital source Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core . The novelty combines under one roof a Roon Core server, a network streamer, a DAC and a preamplifier with a headphone amplifier and phono stage, designed to work with both moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC) cartridges.

To get a versatile audio system for the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core, just add a pair of active monitors, or passive acoustics with an external power amplifier, such as the Mytek Brooklyn AMP +, which blends seamlessly with the Bridge both in class and design.

ImageThe Mytek Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core is based on an Intel i5 processor and is controlled by the Linux-based Mytek OS operating system with Roon Core. The Intel i5 processor has enough processing power to keep the Roon Core server running smoothly and allows you to manage large music collections as well as multiple playback zones in a multi-room environment. Mytek’s Linux-based operating system manages pre-amplifier and networking functions, as well as a modern iPhone-style user menu.

Mytek’s own implementation of the 8-channel ESS Saber ES9028Pro chipset is capable of decoding PCM digital streams up to 32bit/384kHz, as well as DSD256, DXD and MQA. It uses the Mytek HAT™ “Harmonic Audio Tuning” DAC technology developed for the flagship Mytek Empire Streamer.


You can control the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core using your smartphone or tablet or the built-in touch screen. It is available in two versions: with a base amount of permanent memory of 64 GB or a large internal storage capacity of 4 TB, and in two colors: silver and black.

The Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core universal digital source will be available from May 2023. The recommended price for the basic version with 64 GB permanent memory is 3,995 euros . For the version with a 4 TB drive, you will have to pay 4,795 euros . When buying new items, you get a free subscription to Roon for a period of two months.