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NAD CI 16-60 DSP: 16 channels of 60 W in a compact package

NAD’s line of installation products has been expanded with the addition of a 16-channel CI 16-60 DSP amplifier based on digital hybrid circuits, which are designed to provide high performance and stable, uninterrupted operation.

The output stage is based on Hypex UcD modules, which have been specially redesigned for the CI 16-60 DSP. According to NAD, it is the Hypex UcD circuit that is capable of delivering all the power you need at “extremely low distortion”.

The new amplifier delivers 60 watts per channel at 8 ohms (across all 16 channels) or 140 watts when coupled in bridged mode. According to the manufacturer, the CI 16-60 DSP can work without problems in large installations where long cables and “complex” speakers are involved.

Among other things, the company noted the presence of Eco mode for energy saving, IP control, DSP-calibrated applications, as well as readiness for work in any automation system and the 2U format for installation in a rack.

In the European market, the cost of the NAD CI 16-60 DSP multichannel amplifier was approximately 3,000 euros.

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