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NAD CS1: Budget streamer with MQA support


NAD has released a new model of digital network streamer CS1 , designed for entry-level and mid-level stereo systems.

Unlike more expensive branded streamers and amplifiers, the NAD CS1 does not support Bluesound’s BluOS operating system and is designed to work with popular platforms such as Google Cast, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect . The digital-to-analog converter block in the model is built on the PCM5141 chip from Texas Instruments , which is distinguished by low noise and dynamic sound.


The streamer works with PCM 24bit / 192kHz digital stream and MQA files , and is also Roon Ready certified . For physical connection to amplifiers and active speaker systems, the model provides analog unbalanced RCA outputs, as well as digital optical and coaxial outputs.

The NAD CS1 streamer will go on sale in March 2023 for $ 349 .