NAD MDC USB DSD: Enables popular NAD amplifiers to handle Hi-Res files


NAD Electronics has released the next module in the series of the Modular Design Construction (the MDC) . The MDC USB DSD board enables popular NAD amplifier models to handle Hi-Res files .

The module is designed for installation in the following models – NAD M33, M32, M12, C 388, C 368 and C 658 (from April 2021). Once installed, the owner will be able to use their amplifier to stream files from a computer in PCM 24/192 format up to DSD256 . The integration of the board into the amplifier is extremely simple – just insert it into a special slot on the rear panel and update the device’s firmware to the latest version.

The NAD MDC USB DSD Upgrade Module is already available for order in Europe for 499 euros .

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