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Nagra HD Phono: The ultimate tube phono stage from Switzerland

Nagra HD Phono
Nagra HD Phono

Less than five years have passed since the presentation of the Nagra HD Phono tube phono stage by the legendary Nagra brand – and now the Swiss company has announced that the new product will appear in stores this fall. The phono stage is an all-tube design, with each channel driven by two EF806 pentodes, often used in microphone preamplifiers, and a dual 88 CC triode , used in the Nagra HD Preamp.

Nagra HD Phono tube phono preamplifier

The input for connecting the moving coil (MC) cartridges features a custom Nagra Cobalt input transformer. Input parameters are set directly from the remote control, allowing for perfect matching with the cartridge.

Full Nagra stereo system

The Nagra HD Phono’s switching arsenal includes two moving coil (MC) inputs, one moving magnet (MM) cartridge input, and one optional input with a custom transformer for connecting high impedance cartridges. The phono stage is equipped with an external power supply Nagra HD PSU.

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