NuPrime IA-9X: Compact Integrated Amplifier with Phono Stage

NuPrime IA-9X
NuPrime IA-9X

NuPrime has introduced the NuPrime IA-9X compact integrated amplifier  with NuPrime Only Distortion Cancellation (ODC) and Harmonic Generation technologies, providing a unique opportunity to customize the sound characteristics to suit your musical preferences. Moreover, you can select the technologies involved with a switch on the front panel.

ImageThe Ultra-Low Distortion mode is usually suitable for studio monitoring or for listening to dynamic compositions such as rock and roll. Emphasizing natural harmonics can be beneficial to the sound of vocals or classical music.

ImageThe output stages of the NuPrime IA-9X integrated amplifier are based on brand new Class D modules with low distortion, not exceeding 0.0014%. The output power of each channel is 90 watts when operating on a load with a nominal resistance of 8 ohms and 145 watts for 4 ohms.


The amplifier is equipped with a built-in phono stage for working with moving magnet (MM) cartridges with advanced input impedance and capacitance settings. The phono stage uses MUSES8820 op amps. The input selector here is a relay one, which provides minimal interference during switching. The volume control is stepped, with 99 gain levels.

ImageThe NuPrime IA-9X integrated amplifier is available in black and silver finishes. The amp is expected to be on sale in April. The amplifier is offered for 1,429 euros .

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