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Ortofon Verismo: Diamond needle holder in titanium case SLM

Ortofon Verismo

The Ortofon Verismo MC cartridge is one of the latest developments from Ortofon and is near the top of its catalog.

The titanium case SLM (Selective Laser Melt), which is also equipped, for example, the classic model A95 , is equipped with a diamond needle holder with a diamond Replicant needle. This part is borrowed from the more expensive model Anna D.

In addition, the Verismo is equipped with specially designed steel cruciform reinforcement and the coils are wound with Aucurum gold plated 6 NX oxygen-free copper wire.

The WRD system with Ortofon rubber compound is responsible for wide-range damping. The uniformity of the magnetic field is ensured by a proprietary stabilization element.

The Ortofon Verismo MC cartridge will cost around 6,000 euros.

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