Peachtree Audio preDAC: Preamplifier with DAC in wooden case

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Peachtree Audio has released a new model of the pre-amplifier preDAC , which, like all the company’s products, is now produced in-house in the USA.

Peachtree Audio preDAC

The massive preamplifier chassis is made of aluminum and wood, and visually follows the brand identity set by the Nova 500. The amp is equipped with a variety of analog and digital inputs, which include a USB-B port, two optical Toslink connectors, a coaxial RCA input, a USB-A input for connecting devices on iOS, two inputs on RCA, one of which can be used as an MM input, as well as an input of a pass-through recording channel.

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The set of outputs includes 1 RCA output, 1 loop recording output, and balanced XLR output. There is also a separate headphone output.

The DAC block of the model is built on ES9028 Pro Saber chips in a quad configuration and can work with PCM 32/768 signals and DSD128 native stream. The preamplifier section is taken from the Nova 500 model, and a new power supply has been specially designed for the novelty.

The Peachtree Audio preDAC can be purchased separately for € 2,900 , or bundled with the amp500 for € 4,900

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