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PhonicBloom Mmxx T-Ape: mini synthesizer and sequencer in compact cassette design

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The Irish company PhonicBloom, which creates unusual pocket synthesizers, has released the Mmxx T-Ape sequencer synthesizer in the form of a compact cassette.

The device is based on bytebeat technologies that turn program code into sound. The main functionality of the Mmxx T-Ape is to “edit” the code using various switches, rotary controls, buttons and sensors. We are talking not only about tactile sensors, but also about light ones: the sound signal can be changed by removing or adding illumination (for example, with the palm of your hand). This function can be compared to the theremin.


All the main control parameters, including sequencer, delay, arpeggiator and volume, were brought down (where the magnetic screen and guide rollers are located on a regular cassette).

The cassette synthesizer can be connected to a PC to load pre-prepared music code. According to the company, the Mmxx T-Ape will allow you to turn simple formulas (codes) into “very complex structures.”


In Europe, they asked for 85 euros for a pocket synthesizer Mmxx T-Ape (in a stylish metal case).

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