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PowerOne: Muscle Power Amplifier by Andrea Pivett

The PowerOne stereo power amplifier from Italian technology designer Andrea Pivetta offers 44 bipolar transistor output stages capable of delivering up to 1.2 kW per channel.

The novelty, of course, is no match for the top-end Opera Only model , which the author considers the most powerful amplifier in the world, but 300 watts of long-term power when operating on a load with a nominal resistance of 8 ohms, as well as the ability to deliver 1.2 kW in peak when the load resistance drops to 2 Ohms instill confidence that the amplifier can handle the most difficult speakers in terms of impedance.

PowerOne - Muscle Power Amplifier by Andrea Pivett

The PowerOne design also contributes to this extraordinary result . The amplifier, housed in aircraft-grade aluminum, is equipped with four 800-watt toroidal power transformers.

PowerOne - Muscle Power Amplifier by Andrea Pivett

Also in the power supply there are eight diode bridges, after which there is a block of 12 Kendeil filtering aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a capacity of 6 800 uF each. 44 high-current bipolar transistors operate in the output stages.

The amplifier is installed vertically, has a height of about one meter and weighs 108 kg. The designer’s website does not say anything about the cost of PowerOne – Andrea Pivetta promises to provide this information with a personal contact, for example, by e-mail.

PowerOne - Muscle Power Amplifier by Andrea Pivett

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