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Prixton VC400: A vinyl record player with a vintage suitcase design

If you like music or simply if you want to renew the decoration of your home with a device that also offers you a utility, keep reading because this  Prixton VC400 that we are going to talk about today may interest you. Vinyls lost strength with the arrival of tapes, CDs and finally digital files, but that’s how human beings are, when we don’t have something, we want it again. For this reason, vinyls are becoming more and more fashionable and now they are converted into very beautiful decoration products. An example is this Prixton model, with a vintage suitcase design to give a different touch to any corner of your home.

Design of this retro vinyl record player

As we said, the first thing that stands out in this Prixton VC400 turntable  is its  vintage suitcase design . As you can see in the photos, there is no lack of detail: the closures, the handle … When we open it, we find the necessary machinery to reproduce our vinyls. On the back we find the connections that we will see later in this feature review.

It is available in  red, blue, white , in a gray fabric finish and in a special wooden version . Its size is  41.9 x 33 x 16.9 cm and its weight is  3.3 kg. Thanks to its briefcase shape, it is super easy to take anywhere, move it inside the house to change the room (you can have it as a decoration in the living room but one night you want to listen to music in the bedroom, for example).

In short, it is a very beautiful gadget, which is very fashionable and which also gives us a utility: rescuing those vinyls that will help us feel music in a different way.

What can we do with it?

You may be wondering what a record player is for at this point in life. It is true that there are other more comfortable formats, with a high quality and that do not take up any space as they are digital (for example, the FLAC format). However, those who love the sound of more analog music still enjoy laying the needle on vinyl. This is, of course, its main use, to allow us to  listen to music on vinyl, with a speed of 33.3 / 45/78 RPM, but there is much new compared to the turntables of the seventies.

For example, now it allows you to  digitize the vinyls with your computer and convert them to MP3 or, on the contrary, if you don’t have vinyls and don’t want to buy,  you can use it as a speaker for your MP3 files thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. 

It comes with  two 3W power speakers (6W total power) , but if it falls short, you can connect additional speakers via the  included RCA output . It also has  a USB port and headphone jack .

You have a special version of this turntable, the  Prixton VC400 Wood , but there is no difference in its functionality or its technical characteristics. The only thing that is different is that it has a wood finish with a raw touch that, for certain homes, can fit much better with the decoration.

It is true that nowadays there are a lot of variety of turntables and that precisely they use this type of design in the form of a vintage suitcase, some of very reputed brands, so perhaps Prixton is unknown to you and generates a bit of suspicion. It is not the best turntable , but the brand has more than shown us that it gives good results. They have everything from tablets or sports bracelets, like the Prixton SW37 , to electric scooters and, now, also record players for vinyl. For this reason, although at first the brand may generate a little mistrust, the truth is that,  if it fits your budget and benefits, it is a very good option.

Prixton VC400 has all the ingredients to become a top selling vinyl record player. Its price is quite adjusted, so both to treat yourself and to be given it on a special occasion (or to give it as a gift yourself) can be a very good option. It is true that it will not give you the best sound quality on the market or the most advanced functions, but it does settle on its beautiful design and its variety of finishes to conquer us by the eye, but end up hooking us by the ear, thanks to the possibility of adding external speakers or digitizing the vinyls to MP3.

And if you haven’t thought of buying one to date, find that special corner of your home where it can fit very well and enjoy the magic of music in this format. It will like you.


  • Very nice design
  • Retro air
  • Good assortment of connections
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Good volume
  • External speakers can be added
  • Good turntable speed
  • Good value for money
  • Available in many colors and finishes
  • Allows you to digitize vinyls to MP3


  • Somewhat modest volume power
  • Unknown brand in the field of sound


What do you think?

4.3 / 5. 20

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