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Pro-Ject Amp Box S3: Tiny and powerfull Amplifier

New from Pro-Ject: Amp Box S3 Power Amplifier

Pro-Ject expands the S3 series with the new Amp Box power amplifier . It is made in a small metal case with an aluminum front panel. Compared to the previous version , the Pro-Ject Amp Box S3 received a new PCB layout. This solution allows you to further reduce the level of interference and distortion.

Efficient, audiophile & made in Europe!

Efficient, audiophile & made in Europe!

The Pro-Ject Amp Box S3 amplifier is well matched with bookshelf acoustics of various brands. It develops output power up to 50 watts per channel with a load resistance of 4 ohms. The amplifier can be used to create stereo systems in rooms up to 15 square meters, sound additional channels in a home theater and in multiroom systems. The small size of the Pro-Ject Amp Box S3 allows you to install it on your desktop and use it to listen to music from your PC.

Available in black & silver finish.

Available in black & silver finish.

The Pro-Ject Amp Box S3 is equipped with a new generation of amplifier modules. The company’s engineers brought the character of the model’s sound closer to the tube technique, thanks to which it became comfortable and musical. To connect acoustics, the amplifier has reliable screw terminals that are compatible with all standard plugs. For remote control of compatible equipment , the Pro-Ject Amp Box S3 has a trigger input and output. The model is available in black or silver exterior. The amplifier is manufactured at the Pro-Ject factory in Europe.

Application examples:
• HiFi Amplifier for 10-15 m2 rooms
• Audiophile desktop nearfield monitor amp
• Streamer power amp upgrade
• Multiroom power amp solution
• Home cinema power amp upgrade
• In-wall or celing speaker amp

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