Pro-Ject Debut Pro: 30th Anniversary turntable

Pro Ject Debut Pro

Pro-Ject is celebrating 30 years since its founding this year, and one of the festive releases will be the Pro-Ject Debut Pro turntable. The developers themselves called the turntable “accessible audiophilia”, in which they returned to the principles underlying the company.

The design is based on the Debut Evo model, but differs in many ways from it. For example, the new item has a hybrid carbon-metal arm in a sandwich structure – but the classic Pro-Ject length of 8.6 inches. According to the company, the inner aluminum layer will improve damping and noise isolation, while the outer carbon layer will add rigidity.

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Azimuth and VTA are available from the settings, which will allow you to adjust the tonearm to work with different cartridges and mats. Running included MM-head Pick-It Pro – a new development, established in conjunction with Ortofon. It is equipped with an elliptical sharpened needle and, according to Pro-Ject, produces a “charismatic sound” that matches the stylish appearance. In fact, the model combines the features of the Ortofon 2M and SPU cartridges. In the US, the turntable will ship with Sumiko Rainier.

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The table is made of MDF. The motor is mounted on a separate plate, which is secured to the table through thermoplastic elastomer spacers. Such a circuit is said to achieve stability from the motor by effectively isolating it. The table itself is installed on three adjustable metal legs.

The subdisk is put on a bearing with a bronze glass, and a relatively heavy aluminum support disk with a damping ring made of thermoplastic elastomer is already attached to it. All aluminum parts in the turntable are nickel plated.

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Speed ​​control is electronic. The turntable with belt drive supports 33.3 and 45 revolutions, the speed switch is located under the table. The novelty is equipped with a transparent dust cover.

The start of sales is scheduled for August – in Europe, Pro-Ject Debut Pro will cost 750 euros.

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