Pro-Ject launches EVO series tonearms for every taste and budget

Pro-Ject EVO series tonearms for every taste and budget
Pro-Ject EVO series tonearms for every taste and budget

The Austrian company Pro-Ject Audio Systems has introduced as many as 24 new models in the Pro-ject EVO series of tonearms – various shapes, sizes and designs for equipping high-end vinyl record players.

Tonearm Pro-Ject EVO 12 AS Premium

When designing the new Pro-Ject EVO models, the developers proceeded from the following principles:

– the tapered tonearm tube reduces the moving mass of the tonearm/head system and transfers resonances to the bearing block

– a precision tonearm requires precision equipment with tolerances within 1/1000 mm.

– Proper matching of tonearm and cartridge in terms of resonance is critical for clear sound and accurate bass reproduction

– counterweights placed close to the bearing assembly when balancing with the cartridge installed work best due to increased stability

– damped counterweights and massive bearing suspensions effectively dampen resonances

– Heavy-duty flange design is critical for a reliable connection between turntable and tonearm

– High purity conductors provide significant improvement in the transmission of low-level signals from the cartridge

– cartridges with low compliance require tonearms with high effective mass

– massive tonearm holders reduce overall resonance around the tonearm

– One-piece tonearm tubes increase rigidity and reduce mass for increased clarity

The result is a line of tonearms in four variations, each available in effective lengths of 9, 10 or 12 inches.

Pro-Ject EVO 9 AS tonearm

Each of the models in the Pro-Ject EVO tonearm line is based on the concept of ultra-massive suspensions with ultra-low friction four-point bearing units. Pro-Ject uses four point gimbal bearings in the hangers due to their stability and very low friction, resulting in precise stylus groove tracking across the entire surface of the record. All models in the line are equipped with durable tonearm supports, damping counterweights (various sizes), smooth micro-lifts and precise VTA and azimuth adjustment mechanisms.

Pro-Ject EVO 9 AS Premium tonearm

All Pro-Ject EVO Series tonearms are available with matte black painted metal parts as standard. However, for an additional cost, you can significantly improve the appearance of your turntable and order the tonearm with one of the high-gloss (HG) finishes. For £450 for CC and CA models or £550 for AS models you can have HG hand polished – a professional process that takes 6-8 hours to complete per tonearm.

Pro-Ject EVO 12 CC tonearm

Pro-Ject premium X-Line and RPM Line turntables are equipped with EVO CC tonearms as standard. As such, customers can now upgrade their turntable to CA Premium, AS or AS Premium for the difference in cost between their turntable’s standard tonearm and their chosen tonearm model. A similar upgrade is also available to all Pro-Ject turntable owners: you can trade in your current tonearm for new EVO tonearms in 9, 10 or 12 inch lengths. Finally, third-party tonearm users can also substitute any other 9-, 10-, or 12-inch tonearms and receive a 30% discount on the MSRP of their chosen EVO Series tonearm.

Tonearm Pro-Ject EVO 10 CA Premium

In addition, Pro-Ject can also supply high-quality armboards to fit the new EVO Series tonearms into many common high-end brands of turntables. In cases where there is no standard armboard for your turntable, it can be ordered from Pro-Ject in accordance with the required dimensions. Thus, the new Pro-Ject EVO series tonearms can be installed on almost any turntable.

Tonearm Pro-Ject EVO 12 CA Premium

The new Pro – Ject EVO tonearms are now on sale in the UK. RRPs range from £725 to £2,199 and vary depending on tonearm variant – CC, CA Premium, AS, AS Premium, effective tonearm length – 9, 10 or 12 inches – and finish option selected.

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