Pro-Ject Power Box RS2 Sources: Linear power supply for RS and RS2 series

Pro-Ject Power Box RS2 Sources

The Austrian company Pro-Ject Audio Systems continues to expand its line of external power supplies for its compact audio components, included in the Pro – Ject Box Design RS 2 and Pro – Ject Box Design RS series . This time Pro – Ject Power Box RS 2 Sources was introduced , combining four linear power supplies in one housing, providing interference-free stabilized power supply with a voltage of 20 V and a maximum current of 2A.

ImageThus, Pro-Ject Power Box RS2 Sources can power all electronic components of the Pro-Ject Box Design RS2 and Pro-Ject Box Design RS series, except integrated amplifiers and power amplifiers. For them, the company offers a linear Power Box RS Amp power supply.

ImageThe Pro-Ject Power Box RS2 Sources power supply is based on a powerful toroidal transformer, which occupies a third of the internal volume of the case. The total capacitance of the capacitors in the filter reaches 10,000 microfarads. The RS2 is equipped with a soft start system that will protect consumers from possible overload at the time of supply voltage.



The Pro – Ject Power Box RS 2 Sources linear power supply is available in black and silver finishes. In Europe, the recommended retail price of new items is 999 euros .

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