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PS Audio PerfectWave SACD Transport: DSD stream for external DAC and galvanic radio isolation

American PS Audio has released PerfectWave SACD Transport (PST). This model became the successor to the successful DMP, receiving the function of reading a high density data layer with a DSD stream.

The data from this copyrighted SACD layer can be transferred to an external DAC (PS Audio recommends its own PSD) via the I2S interface.

Another trump card of the PerfectWave SACD Transport developers is noise and jitter reduction in the galvanically isolated output stage. It completely separates pure digital audio data from noisy environments. Signals between the two boards are transmitted in the form of short-wave radio pulses with a focused beam. The power supply of the boards is also separate.

As a result, PST “understands” almost all laser audio discs, formats and file types. The new product also provides a USB input for receiving audio from storage devices. In addition to the I2S output for PCM and DSD (raw), the PST provides 1 coaxial and 2 BNC outputs for PCM and DoP (they are ready to work in tandem for “dual” DoP – DSD 128). Likewise, you can use the two XLR outputs.

Firmware updates are possible via RJ45 network or WIFI. PerfectWave SACD Transport is available in black or silver.

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