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Sharp launches Tokyo DAB+ and Sharp Tokyo FM micro-systems with radio

Sharp has introduced two new microsystem models to the European market, called Sharp Tokyo DAB+ and Sharp Tokyo FM .

As you might think from the names, the main difference between the models is the type of radio installed inside. However, beyond this obvious difference, the models have different form factors. Sharp Tokyo DAB+ is enclosed in a single housing, which combines all the electronics and sound system, including a CD player, a digital DAB/DAB+ receiver and a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless adapter.

Sharp Tokyo DAB+ and Sharp Tokyo FM

Sharp Tokyo DAB+ and Sharp Tokyo FM


At the same time , the Sharp Tokyo FM looks like a traditional micro system with a separate central unit, which contains an FM tuner and CD player, as well as remote two-way speakers. Both models have a 3.5mm input and nine preset EQ modes.

The Sharp Tokyo DAB+ Micro System (XL-B720D) is already available in the European market for €149 , while the  Sharp Tokyo FM (XL-B514) will be available in January 2024 for €99 .

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