Silent Switch OCXO – New Network Switch by N&E Audio

Silent Switch OCXO

N&E Audio has unveiled the audiophile Silent Switch OCXO . According to the manufacturer, the new product is able to improve the quality of streaming digital audio for streamers, music servers, NAS, DACs and other audio equipment. The N&E Audio say that for this purpose the concept of a traditional network switch had to completely rethink.

Ethernet Switch N&E Audio Silent Switch OCXO

The N&E Audio Silent Switch OCXO is housed in a full-size steel rack-mount case. The device is equipped with a linear power supply based on discrete elements. The OCXO thermostatted clock generator is mounted on a powerful die-cast cooling radiator. Thanks to the use of such a clock, it was possible to reduce the jitter to 0.25–0.35 ps.

Ethernet Switch N&E Audio Silent Switch OCXO

The N&E Audio Silent Switch OCXO is equipped with eight Gigabit Ethernet ports made on RJ45 audio-grade connectors . Each port has a toggle switch that can be used to change the type of grounding to minimize line noise. The N & E Audio is proud to note that this functionality has been added to the network switch for the first time in history.

Ethernet Switch N&E Audio Silent Switch OCXO

In the US, Ethernet-switch Silent Switch OCXO from N & E Audio can be bought for $800 .

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