Simaudio Moon Network Players & DACs Get Spotify Connect Support

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Network player and DACs, streamers Moon got support Spotify Connect technology. Now all owners of devices of this brand will be able to seamlessly play music and podcasts through the Spotify mobile application (you just need to select the track and compatible Moon device in the application itself).

Moon representatives noted that using Spotify Connect will allow you to listen to music without interruption (you can receive calls) and save smartphone battery power.


Among received Spotify-compatible models appear following Soup: an “all-in-one» ACE, network player MiND 2, DAC Streamer 280D, network player, preamplifier 390 , DAC Streamer 680D and DAC Streamer v2 780D . For Spotify Connect to work, your device needs to be updated to the latest firmware.


Recall that at the end of last year, the Moon technology also received compatibility with AirPlay 2.

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