SIMGOT DEW4X: Portable DAC and headphone amplifier


SIMGOT DEW4X is a new portable DAC and headphone amplifier based on two CS43198 chips. Outputs 3.5mm+4.4mm.


Unrivaled sound quality with Daul CS43198 DAC chips
The DEW4X features dual CS43198 DAC chips that deliver 130dB dynamic range for authentic and expressive music reproduction. It supports 384kHz/32bit PCM and DSD 256 high-definition audio, easily decoding a variety of sources. Peripheral filtering circuits provide suppression of power noise and interference, providing a clear and stable audio signal.

Exceptional Audio Clarity and Silence
This unit achieves amazingly low noise levels with a signal-to-noise ratio of 130dB and a distortion rate of just 0.0002% (@4.4mm BAL). The design allows sound to be reproduced against a background that is dark and quiet as a curtain, creating a virtually silent soundscape (1 µVrms).


Smart Design and Aesthetic Appeal
The DEW4X’s body is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, CNC machined for a sleek, contoured design. Its surface is sandblasted and anodized black to resist oxidation and fatigue, and laser-etched to add texture. It features a user-friendly Type-C audio interface, emphasizing both function and form.

Price: $80