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Software update 4.15.12 for ROSE streamers

Software update 4.15.12 for ROSE streamers
Software update 4.15.12 for ROSE streamers

The major update changes the way apps from the ROSE Store can be installed locally, aligns new high-resolution music titles in TIDAL, adds interactivity for registered ROSE users, and adds new features and user experience, including a dedicated Audirvana_DNLA (UPnP) service for the Audirvana player , convenient auto-shutdown timer settings Auto Standby Mode and much more.

A request to update to version 4.15.12 should appear automatically when connecting ROSE network players ( RS130 / RS150(B) / RS201(E) / RS250 / RS520 ) to the Internet. If the request does not appear, the update can be started by force by calling the Update command in the Settings menu, submenu “System Information”.

To fully utilize all the features of ROSE firmware version 4.15.2, you must update the ROSE Connect Premium remote control mobile app for Android to version and for iOS to version 4.08. 06 . Be sure to update the application!

Please note that due to changes on the Qobuz music subscription service side, you cannot log into your Qobuz app account directly from your ROSE device. To log into your Qobuz account, you can use the ROSE Connect Premium mobile application.

Also note that in previous versions of the software, the main applications from the ROSE Store were pre-installed on the device and the user could only add new applications when they appeared in the store. In the new firmware, the user has the opportunity to initially select only those applications that he needs. A side effect of this functionality change is that some of the apps you previously installed will need to be reinstalled from the ROSE Store. But now the user can easily select, add and delete applications that are visible on the main screen of the ROSE network player, saving memory and processor resources and facilitating ease of use.

TIDAL App Update and New TIDAL Audio Stream Quality Notation

After updating the ROSE software, go to the application store and check if the Update button next to the TIDAL application icon is active. If yes, click update (Rose Store → Tidal → Update). The new version of Tidal is

Music subscription service TIDAL has changed its notation structure for high-definition music. Maximum quality is now offered as Max , special high-resolution versions formerly called TIDAL Masters have become TIDAL HiRes . Accordingly, the file bitrate labels Master, HiFi, High, Normal are replaced with MAX, High, Low. Max quality files can be stored as Hi-Res FLAC, MQA, FLAC or AAC, and have a maximum resolution of 24-bit/192 kHz (High-Resolution FLAC and MQA only). High quality corresponds to 16-bit/44 kHz resolution in FLAC format.
Low means lossy compressed files in AAC format and a bitrate of no more than 320 kb/s.

How to Login to Qobuz Account via ROSE Connect Premium App

As before, you can log into your Qobuz account using the ROSE Connect Premium mobile application for Android or iOS.

Added automatic shutdown settings

If there is no signal for a specified period of time, the player can switch to standby mode automatically. The user now has access to idle time settings before shutdown (Automatic Standby Mode): from 1 to 6 hours. The default idle time is 2 hours. If desired, the function can be disabled (OFF command).


The Audirvana Studio Windows player software is now configured to control ROSE playback using the DLNA protocol, and ROSE network players have received the Plays With Audirvana certificate of conformance .

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