Soncoz SGP1: Compact power amplifier that hits hard

Soncoz SGP1
Soncoz SGP1

Soncoz has introduced a new model of the SGP1 stereo power amplifier , the development of which, according to the company, took 3 years.

It has a classic design and works in class AB, on the front panel there is a large window with arrow indicators of the output power level, illuminated by orange LEDs. The power of the amplifier is 120 watts with a resistance load of 8 ohms and 240 watts when it is reduced to 4 ohms .


Of the input connectors, there is only a pair of balanced XLRs. The power supply of the model is built according to the original scheme, which allows all elements of the circuit to enter the operating mode in 1 minute, which reduces the requirements for warming up. The device has dimensions of 350 x 260 x 125 mm and weighs 8 kilograms .

The Soncoz SGP1 Power Amplifier is available in black and white and retails for $1,100.

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