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SparkoS Labs Aries: Classic Headphone Amplifier

SparkoS Labs releases an interesting Aries headphone amplifier model , which completely lacks digital circuits.

The main emphasis is placed on the high quality of the analog part. A securely shielded toroidal transformer is installed in the power supply, the volume control is built on a Reed switch, and capacitors are excluded from the signal circuits. To connect signal sources, only analog inputs are provided, and the amplifier is available in two versions – unbalanced with RCA connectors and balanced with XLR.

The user can adjust the input sensitivity (+10, +20 or +30 dB) for better compatibility with different headphone models. All service information, including the volume level, is displayed on the screen on the front panel. All operational amplifiers used in the model are of the company’s own production.


The SparkoS Labs Aries Headphone Amplifier is available in the US market for a retail price of $2,495 unbalanced and $2,995 balanced.

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