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StormAudio processors now with new DIRAC technologies

StormAudio processors now with new DIRAC technologies
StormAudio processors now with new DIRAC technologies

DIRAC ‘s new generation of Active Room Treatment ( ART ) technology was unveiled at CES 2023 in January . The French manufacturer of processors and multi-channel amplifiers for home cinema equipment StormAudio announced that with the new firmware, its processors will receive this functionality.


DIRAC Live ART works as a home theater active noise cancellation system. The idea is to use sound to suppress certain problematic audio frequencies in the room. ART technology uses the speakers in your theater to control reverberation, reflections and other room effects. The DIRAC Live room correction remains the first step, performing a basic calibration. Bass Control manages the integration of a subwoofer into a multi-channel audio system, and now, with ART, the processor will also be able to deal with room reverb issues.


DIRAC ART technology will be available exclusively to users of StormAudio processors starting in Spring 2023. Compatibility has already been confirmed for all ISP Elite series processors ( MK 1, MK 2, MK 3 ) and will be confirmed later for other models. The new firmware is already available for free download and installation on all processors of the company ( ISP Elite MK 1, MK 2, MK 3, ISP Core ISP Evo ISP ISP Master …) software version 4.4r1 . _ _ The new version of the software fixes previously identified bugs and adds many new features.


Main innovations:

  • StormEasy Easy Setup Wizard
  • Multiple sound profiles for a specific speaker configuration (up to 6)
  • Low latency mode for games, karaoke systems or live music
  • Changing the sound mode along with changing the active input
  • Sound delay steps
  • Management via CEC
  • HDMI signal pass through when processor is in Standby mode

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