Taiko Audio Olympus: Music server with modular architecture

Taiko Audio Olympus
Taiko Audio Olympus

Taiko Audio presented the music server Olympus, the culmination of nearly four years of research and development. New has absorbed many solutions that have been developed to truly the revolutionary Extreme server, introduced five years ago, which constantly improved and updated throughout its life cycle.


New Olympus music server positioned above the Extreme model. Along with the full Olympus server, Taiko Audio is releasingOlympus I/O – an external server update Extreme, which has absorbed a significant part of Olympus technology, allowing getting closer, although not quite, to Olympus performance levels. More In addition, Olympus I/O can be used with Olympus itself to further enhance its performance, although the effect will not be as revolutionary as with adding it to Extreme.


Taiko Audio notes: “The Olympus serverimplements many advanced technological innovations, the description of which will take a long time and make this text difficult to understand. Short In other words, we have eliminated a large number of intermediate processing steps and transformations of musical material, both in hardware and software ensuring, for a more direct, more optimized and cleaner path signal passage”.


More detailed technical information as well as Suggested retail prices and availability dates will be announced later.

Main features:

– recently engineered, highly efficient, high speed power supplies based on GaN FETs

— Patented battery cells with a lifespan service exceeding 30 years of continuous use, and with special developed battery management and charging system

—   management and monitoring using an application for mobile gadgets for iOS and Android

—   hybrid Copper-aluminum chassis made from solid billet

—   3 rechargeable and 2 linear power supplies in Olympus, 2 rechargeable and 1 linear power source power supply to Olympus I/O