Tanchjim Space Lite: Portable mini DAC and headphone amplifier

Tanchjim Space Lite

The new Tanchjim Space Lite portable digital-to-analog converter is based on the high-quality CS43131 chip from Cirrus Logic .



The body elements of the device are machined from a single billet of aluminum, which has a positive effect on the resistance to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. A single unbalanced 3.5 mm jack is provided for connecting headphones .


The output power of the headphone amplifier is up to 105 mW into a 16 ohm impedance load . The model can decode and convert 32 bit / 768 kHz PCM signal as well as native DSD256 stream . The device has a built-in USB-C cable for connecting to a smartphone or tablet.


The Tanchjim Space Lite D/A Converter and Headphone Amplifier can be ordered online for $44.99 .

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