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TEAC VRDS-701 and VRDS-701T: New CD player and CD transport

TEAC VRDS-701 and VRDS-701T
TEAC VRDS-701 and VRDS-701T

The Japanese company TEAC has introduced two new models for playing CDs – the VRDS-701 CD player and the VRDS-701T CD transport will complement the Reference 700 series .

The TEAC VRDS-701 full CD player is distinguished by the use of a new version of the proprietary VRDS drive , as well as a digital-to-analog converter based on discrete elements of its own original design. Direct connection to a power amplifier is possible thanks to the volume control using the TEAC-QVCS analog preamplifier circuit .


In addition to playing MQA CDs, full MQA digital decoding is also possible. When using the player as a USB DAC, DSD streams at 22.5MHz and PCM data at 384kHz/32bit can be played back. The player has an input for an external 10 MHz clock signal, toroidal power transformers are used to power analog, digital and I / O circuits, as well as a CD drive.

The original TEAC-HCLD2 buffer circuit for the output provides increased load current. The headphone amplifier has a powerful output with low distortion, excellent signal-to-noise ratio and a high slew rate of 2000 V/µs .


The TEAC VRDS-701T CD transport is designed to be used with an external DAC equipped with a digital input. The model also features VRDS , a proprietary CD drive mechanism that reduces unwanted vibrations by pressing the CD against an aluminum platter of the same diameter to maximize moment of inertia.

Equipping the transport with a 10 MHz external clock input provides flexible integration with systems that are synchronized using external clock signals. For signal output there are digital outputs of S/PDIF format (optical/coaxial), the model provides decoding of the basic MQA digital signal.

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