The new FiiO FF3 earbuds promises transparent sound for $100

FiiO FF3

FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd introduced the FF3, a dual-cavity drum-type in-ear headphone. The two parts of the body, shaped like timpani, are connected by a narrow passage, which FiiO likens to a flute. The shape, reminiscent of musical instruments, made the headphones themselves more musical – the manufacturer insists on this. The back of the case received a patterned overlay made of safety glass.

The FiiO FF3 case is made of polished 316L stainless steel with PVD galvanized black (Elegant Black) or silver (Cosmic Silver) color. The larger of the “timpani” houses a speaker with a voice coil wound with ultra-thin Japanese-made Daikoku copper-plated aluminum wire. The beryllium-coated LCP diaphragm with polyurethane surrounds on this speaker is quite large – 14.2 mm in diameter, one and a half times larger than that of in-ear models.

The fact is that the FiiO FF3 headphones are not in-ear headphones. They belong to the now forgotten class of earbuds and are simply put into the ears. Ear plugs are also included. But they are not called Ear-Tips, but Sponge Covers and differ not in size, but in the nature of the sound: there is an option “with bass boost”, “balanced” and giving “transparent sound with an emphasis on high frequencies”.

FiiO FF3
FiiO FF3

The FiiO FF3 cable, made from high purity silver-plated copper strands, terminates with a patented interchangeable Fabrilous connector – you can choose from an unbalanced 3.5mm stereo mini-jack or a balanced 4-pin 4.4mm plug.

The FiiO FF3 in-ear headphones cost about $100.