Thorens TD 1500: Modern replica of the 1965 model

Thorens TD 1500

Thorens has unveiled the TD 1500 turntable, which should bring fond memories to aksakals among record lovers: the design of the model is taken from the TD 150 turntable, created by Thorens in 1965 and sold in hundreds of thousands of copies.

As in the original model, a belt drive was used in the novelty, and the sub-chassis was also cushioned on three springs. But unlike the TD 150, these conical springs can now be adjusted from above. There is no need to remove the 1.5 kg die-cast aluminum disc, which is powered by an electronically controlled DC motor. Speeds 33-1 / 3 or 45 rpm are electronically switchable.

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The novelty received its own adjustable in height and azimuth tonearm with a standard mount for the SME-type shell. Anti-skating is set using a sliding weight on a nylon thread running through a ruby ​​bearing. The out-of-the-box model is equipped with an Ortofon 2M Bronze MM cartridge with a Fine Line cut needle.

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In addition to the usual pair of RCA connectors, the TD 1500 also has XLR outputs. The novelty will be released in the finishes “glossy black” or “glossy walnut”. Includes external power supply, smoky dust cap and RCA cable. The TD 1500 will go on sale in December.

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The Thorens TD 1500 has a suggested retail price of 2,000 euros in Europe.