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Thorens TD 204: Turntable equipped with phono stage

Thorens TD 204 - turntable with phono stage
Thorens TD 204 - turntable with phono stage

Thorens has introduced a new turntable Thorens TD 204 , equipped with a belt drive. The TD 204 has an MM-phono stage on board, and the Audio- Technica AT95 MM moving magnet head is included in the kit . Thus, in fact, this player belongs to the plug’n’play category and will be a good option for a novice vinyl lover. If necessary, the built-in phono stage can be turned off.

Thorens TD 204

Thorens TD 204

The Thorens TD 204 turntable is based on a die-cast aluminum chassis and is equipped with an electronically controlled DC motor. Rotation speed 33 1/3 and 45 rpm. can be selected using the rotary switch. Torque is transmitted to the cast aluminum platter by means of a finely ground belt. An external unit is used to power the turntable.

ImageThe Thorens TD 204 is equipped with the signature TP 120 tonearm, a 9″ J-shaped gimbaled aluminum tonearm. The manufacturer claims that the effective mass of the tonearm is about 15 g, and anti-skating is provided by a spring. The tonearm is equipped with a removable shell with an SME mount, which makes it easy to change cartridges if desired.


The Thorens TD 204 turntable is available in two finishes – gloss black and lacquered walnut veneer. The body of the turntable rests on vibration-proof legs. Comes with a dust cover.

The Thorens TD 204 turntable is expected to be available in Europe later this year for a suggested retail price of €799 .

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