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TK One Phono: New phono stage for working with moving magnet cartridges

The renowned Italian manufacturer of tube audio equipment, Tektron , has announced the release of the TK One Phono phono stage for working with moving magnet ( MM ) cartridges . The novelty is based on two ECC83 triodes , which provide 40 dB gain over an operating frequency range of 10 Hz to 60 kHz.

TK One Phono - tube MM phono stage from Italy

The TK One Phono phono stage is devoid of any settings. The input has a standard impedance for MM heads of 47 kOhm. The switching arsenal is minimal – input and output on high-quality gold-plated RCA connectors are supplemented with a terminal for connecting the ground wire from the turntable.

TK One Phono - tube MM phono stage from Italy

The manufacturer claims to use NOS lamps in the phono amplifier , but only their type is indicated – the specific manufacturer and year of manufacture are not named. Another distinctive feature of the novelty was the absence of printed circuit boards in the phono stage design – the entire circuit was assembled by hinged mounting. The completely metal case, excluding any electromagnetic interference from the outside, is refined with natural wood sidewalls. Moreover, the type of wood and color can be specified when ordering.

The recommended cost of the TK One Phono phono stage , as well as the timing of the new items on sale, are still unknown.

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