Topping D90 III: Next generation DAC unveiled

Topping D90 III

Topping has begun selling its new generation of desktop digital-to-analog converter, the Topping D90 III .


The new product has a fully balanced circuit and is built on a dual ES9039SPRO chip from ESS Saber , capable of working with 32-bit/768 kHz PCM stream and native DSD512 stream , and also supports full decoding of MQA files . Thanks to the use of the Altera Max II processor , it was possible to achieve extremely low jitter levels.


The device can also serve as a pre-amplifier, for which adjustable analog outputs are provided on RCA and XLR. The model has a Bluetooth adapter with support for low compression codecs LDAC and aptX Adaptive , and the kit includes a remote control.


The Topping D90 III D/A Converter can be ordered online starting at $899

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